Hendyamps Gallery
Abstract Gorilla.JPG

Little Gorilla with a custom art faceplate


Custom Michelangelo Stereo EQ


Active DI for bass and acoustic live or in the studio

Bismarck 1.jpg

Bismarck bass amp

Blues Jr Gorilla.JPG

Blues Jr. converted into a complete Little Gorilla

Capone Combo 1.JPG

Capone 1x12 combo

Clock Radio Capone.JPG

Old tube radio converted into a Capone running EL84's

Glow Apocalypto.JPG

Metal amp with some nifty lights

Mini Gorilla.JPG

Little Gorilla mini version

Old Capone Beast.JPG

Old tube radio converted into a full Capone

Old Capone Combo.jpg

Old tube radio 1x12 combo converted into a full Capone

Old Caravaggio.JPG

Old tube radio converted into a mic preamp


Old tube radio converted into a 20w custom amp

Tubes 1.JPG

Hendyamps LOVES tubes!

Hendyamps Speakers.jpg

2x12 Stereo Gorilla Combo


Mosaic - The only channel strip you will ever need

Snakeskin Gorilla.JPG

Snakeskin Gorilla

Van Gogh.JPG

Van Gogh all tube compressor

Abstract Legion.JPG

Legion meets Starry Night

Cathedral Amp.JPG

Another old tube radio converter into a 1x8 guitar amp combo

Michaelangelo and Analog Stage.JPG

Michelangelo and Analog Stage

Michelangelo Euro Knobs.jpg

Michelangelo with some fun knobs

Old Tube Amp.jpg

Old tube radio converted to a Little Gorilla

Three Michelangelos.jpg

Stack of Michelangelos